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Our Staff

Our staff is primarily working within the following main areas:

  • Internal Medicine (and subspecialities)
  • Surgery
  • Central laboratory
  • Imaging
  • Reception
  • Secretary and maintenance

If you are looking for a particular member of our staff you have the following options:

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Agger, Sophie Emilie SøborgResearch assistant   
Allberg, ClaraVeterinary surgeon Veterinarian +45 353-32920E-mail
Allpass, MajaSenior veterinarian   E-mail
Andersen, Cecilie SkovgaardStudent nurse  +45 353-32856E-mail
Andersen, RegitzeClinical veterinarian  +45 353-30896E-mail
Andersen, Sabine Vibeke ArenfeldtCleaning assistant   
Andersen-Ranberg, Emilie UlrikkaVeterinary surgeon  +45 353-36120E-mail
Arendt, Maja LouiseAssociate professor  +45 353-36130E-mail
Babovic, ArminaLaboratory technician Laboratory Technician +45 353-32907E-mail
Bach, Maiken Bayer ThodeSenior veterinarian  +45 353-32133E-mail
Bech, Signe WeinreichAttendant Attendant +45 353-26874E-mail
Berendt, MetteProfessor Professor +45 353-32922E-mail
Bergstedt, Pernille VangVeterinary nurse Veterinary nurse +45 353-26604E-mail
Beyer, IdaVeterinary surgeon  +45 353-31470E-mail
Bjørnvad, Charlotte ReinhardProfessor Professor +45 353-32864E-mail
Bochsen, LouiseBioanalyst   E-mail
Bramsted, Oscar Winner VraaeVeterinary nurse trainee  +45 353-31755E-mail
Brusgaard, Signe BendsenStudent   E-mail
Buelund, Lene ElisabethAssociate professor Associate Professor +45 353-32921E-mail
Bækdal, MichelleCleaning assistant   
Børresen, BetinaAssistant professor PhD Fellow  E-mail
Chompoosan, ChayanonPhD fellow, external PhD Student +45 353-32500E-mail
Chompoosan, ChayanonPhD fellow, external PhD Student +45 353-32500E-mail
Christensen, Christine HejlesenVeterinary surgeon   E-mail
Christensen, Ida MarqvardVeterinary nurse trainee   E-mail
Christensen, Line BuchCleaning assistant   
Christensen, Marianne WhittallVeterinary nurse  +45 353-32930E-mail
Cremer, Signe EmilieInternational Researcher   E-mail
Dahl, Kathrine HøjteSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-20163E-mail
Danielsen, Charlotte LieberothVeterinary nurse  +45 353-30525E-mail
Dinesen, Diane CherieVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Due, Conny SørensenVeterinary nurse  +45 353-30919E-mail
Dupont, Nana Hee  +45 353-28263E-mail
Dupont, Nana HeeSenior veterinarian  +45 353-28263E-mail
Eis, Debbie NielsenVeterinary nurse  +45 28 49 55 51E-mail
Eis, Debbie NielsenVeterinary nurse  +45 28 49 55 51E-mail
Eriksen, ThomasProfessor with special responsibilities Professor MSO +45 353-33939E-mail
Folkmann, Alexey SakkeVeterinary nurse trainee  +45 353-33925E-mail
Friis, MikaCleaning assistant   E-mail
Gaarsdahl, Line BratajkaVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Girotto, MassimoLaboratory technician trainee Laboratory technician trainee +45 353-34830E-mail
Gredal, Hanne BirgitAssociate professor  +45 353-32935E-mail
Gredal, Hanne BirgitAssistant professor Assistant Professor +45 353-32935E-mail
Greunz, Eva MariaGuest resident Guest Resident  E-mail
Grünfeld, StineVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Grünfeld, StineVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Gundersen, Ragnhild SkogstrømSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-37648E-mail
Gyldenkrone, Therese Birgitte HVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Hallsdórsdóttir Wöhler, Bryndis ECleaning assistant Cleaner +45 353-37543E-mail
Hansen, Astrid KlarskovCleaning assistant   
Hansen, Gitte WagnerSenior veterinary nurse  +45 51 48 94 25E-mail
Hansen, Heidi   E-mail
Havlund Andersen, SofieVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Hedström, Matilda  +45 353-34050E-mail
Helledi, Gorm BastholmVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Henriksen, NiniAttendant  +45 21 28 86 84E-mail
Hermann, Iben Katrine GautierVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Hollev, SusanneVeterinary nurse  +45 353-32930E-mail
Holm, Matina GogiosClerical officer  +45 353-37737E-mail
Holm, Sabrina SarisoyVeterinary nurse Veterinary Nurse  E-mail
Holst, Channie CharlotteVeterinary nurse  +45 353-28393E-mail
Holst, PernilleResident Resident  E-mail
Houe, MarianneCleaning assistant   
Houser, GeoffSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-33946E-mail
Hovmand, Annemette Helene Maiken BAttendant  +45 40 22 45 90E-mail
Hovmand, Annemette Helene Maiken BAttendant  +45 353-36228E-mail
Hultman, Tove MariaVeterinary surgeon  +45 353-31233E-mail
Jacobsen, NannaVetenary surgeon  +45 353-32786E-mail
Jensen, Asger LundorffHead of Department Head of Department +45 353-32940E-mail
Jensen, Caspar Lange   E-mail
Jensen, Jeannette KraghLaboratory technician   
Jensen, Kathrine StenbergSenior veterinarian Resident +45 353-32896E-mail
Jensen, Line WeinrichAttendant   
Jensen, Stine LærkeVeterinary nurse trainee   E-mail
Jepsen, Jan EgilSkilled workman  +45 40 22 38 92E-mail
Jessen, Lisbeth RemAssociate professor  Associate Professor +45 353-30952E-mail
Jørgensen, Elinor Aili RikovitzVeterinary nurse  +45 353-28338E-mail
Jørgensen, TereseVeterinary nurse  +45 353-21229E-mail
Keller, Camilla BilleskovVeterinary nurse  +45 27 45 12 27E-mail
Kieler, Ida NordangPostdoc PHD Fellow +45 353-30929E-mail
Kjelgaard-Hansen, Mads Affilate Professor  
Kjærsgaard, Sara CorscaddenDepartment veterinary nurse   E-mail
Kjøller, Laura Rosalie JarløvAttendant   
Knold, MadsCleaner   
Knudsen, Louise SpliidAttendant   E-mail
Koch, Bodil CathrineResident Resident  E-mail
Koch, JørgenAssociate professor Associate Professor +45 353-31007E-mail
Kortegaard, Hanne EllenSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-31006E-mail
Kristensen, Annemarie ThuriProfessor Professor +45 353-32923E-mail
Krogh, Anne Kirstine HavnsøeAssistant professor Assistant Professor +45 353-30942E-mail
Kruse, ChristinaStudent nurse  +45 353-36587E-mail
Landgreen, LoneAdministrative veterinary nurse  +45 21 30 83 61E-mail
Langebæk, RikkeAssociate professor Associate Professor +45 40 22 39 91E-mail
Langebæk, RikkeAssistant professor Assistant Professor +45 40 22 39 91E-mail
Langhorn, RebeccaAssistant professor Assistant Professor  E-mail
Larsen, Jonathan SkovVeterinary nurse  +45 353-28334E-mail
Larsen, Majbritt Maria EstrupResearch assistant Research Assistant +45 353-20536E-mail
Larsen, Majbritt Maria EstrupResident Resident +45 353-20536E-mail
Larsen, Malte SelchIndustrial PhD Industrial PhD Fellow  E-mail
Larsen, Saranda PupovciVeterinary nurse  +45 353-26429E-mail
Levinsen, Michala BarrettSenior clerk  +45 353-32966E-mail
Linna, Heidi MarikaVeterinary nurse  +45 353-28255E-mail
Lundsgaard, Jo Fjeldsted-HolmSenior veterinarian  +45 353-37650E-mail
Lybek, Anja OvergaardVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Lyngby, Janne GraarupPhD student Research Assistant +45 353-30923E-mail
Lyngby, Janne GraarupPhD fellow Ph.d.-studerende +45 353-30923E-mail
Lysegaard, Sarah Mikkeline CStudent nurse  +45 353-30751E-mail
Løvenbo, LisaLaboratory technician Laboratory Technician  E-mail
Madsen, Linette Søgaard   E-mail
Marschner, Clara BüchnerAssistant professor Assistant Professor  E-mail
McEvoy, FintanProfessor Professor +45 61 66 82 34E-mail
McEvoy, FintanProfessor  +45 353-32866E-mail
Mikkelsen, Camilla Louise HøgenhavSenior adviser  +45 353-32919E-mail
Mikkelsen, Mai Louise GrandsgaardSenior veterinarian  +45 353-31009E-mail
Mikkelsen, Mai Louise GrandsgaardSenior veterinarian  +45 353-31009E-mail
Mikkelsen, Mai Louise GrandsgaardSenior veterinarian  +45 353-31009E-mail
Miles, James EdwardAssociate professor Associate Professor +45 20 57 08 40E-mail
Moberg, Frida SusannaResident Resident +45 353-36976E-mail
Moltke, Finn Borgbjerg   
Moorman, Lilah MargaretResident Resident  E-mail
Møller, Katja JudithCleaning assistant   
Møller, Katja JudithCleaning assistant   
Møller, Pernille HesgaardVeterinary nurse  +45 40 57 81 09E-mail
Müller, AnnaAssistant professor PhD Student +45 35 28 29 30E-mail
Nielsen, Camilla ElbergSenior veterinarian   E-mail
Nielsen, Camilla ElbergVeterinary surgeon   E-mail
Nielsen, Claus Bundgaard   E-mail
Nielsen, Dorte HaldTeaching lecturer  +45 353-32943E-mail
Nielsen, HelleVeterinary nurse  +45 353-32930E-mail
Nielsen, Line WaltherVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Nielsen, Lise NikolicAssociate professor Associate Professor  E-mail
Nielsen, Michelle Brønniche MøllerSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian  E-mail
Nielsen, Mikkel StubStudent  +45 353-34160E-mail
Nielsen, Nynne DreyerVeterinary nurse trainee  +45 353-32961E-mail
Niepoort, Josephine Anastasia   E-mail
Nissen, Merete Holst Head of Hospital +45 40 47 35 87E-mail
Pedersen, Ann Sophie BirkelundVeterinary nurse  +45 353-35524E-mail
Pedersen, Eja OppenlænderCleaning assistant   
Pedersen, Malene GlindøVeterinary nurse trainee  +45 51 80 01 04E-mail
Pedersen, Mette MaderVeterinary nurse  +45 353-32930E-mail
Pedersen, Tenna BandsbergVeterinary nurse trainee  +45 353-21281E-mail
Pedersen, Tenna BandsbergVeterinary nurse  +45 353-21281E-mail
Perrin, Kathryn LouisePhD student PhD Fellow  E-mail
Petersen, Anne-MetteVeterinary nurse trainee  +45 353-35924E-mail
Petersen, Camilla Sparre FleronLaboratory technician trainee Laboratory Technician Trainee +45 353-34173E-mail
Petersen, Isabella SylvanderVeterinary nurse trainee   E-mail
Poulsen, Helle HardingSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 40 22 46 90E-mail
Poulsen, Matilde Kirstine  +45 353-31610E-mail
Quottrup, Iben MalteVeterinary nurse  +45 353-32930E-mail
Rasmussen, AndersAttendant  +45 40 22 39 76E-mail
Rasmussen, Cecilie ThinggaardStudent nurse  +45 353-26011E-mail
Rasmussen, Mette HedelundVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Ravn, Eva-MarieAttendant   
Reimann, Josephine Mercedes Bevan BVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Rose, CamillaCleaning assistant   
Rueløkke, Mette LybekSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian  E-mail
Sandal, Anne Marie FogSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-33943E-mail
Schjærff, MetteAssistant professor Senior Veterinarian +45 353-32941E-mail
Schjærff, MetteAssistant professor Senior Veterinarian +45 353-32930E-mail
Schkliaroff, Cathrine KølbyStudent nurse  +45 353-26013E-mail
Schmidt, TatjanaVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Schouw, Ida LykkeStudent nurse  +45 353-26009E-mail
Schrøder, Anders SimonVeterinary surgeon   E-mail
Schøier, ChristinaSenior veterinarian Senior veterinarian +45 353-36848E-mail
Schütt, TrineVisiting Researcher   E-mail
Skøttrup, Mille LyhneAttendant   E-mail
Spanger, Karina SvendsenVeterinary nurse  +45 353-36460E-mail
Spangsberg, RebeccaClinical veterinarian  +45 353-32518E-mail
Spangsberg, RebeccaSenior veterinarian  +45 353-32518E-mail
Stender, Anna JonassonVeterinary surgeon   E-mail
Stjernegaard, ClausLaboratory coordinator Laboratory Coordinator +45 353-33654E-mail
Svalastoga, Eiliv LarsConsultant Consultant +45 353-35839E-mail
Sørensen, Natasia Dorothea BergmannStudent nurse  +45 353-26007E-mail
Sørensen, Tina MøllerAssistant professor  +45 353-20857E-mail
Tester, Kirsten JoyVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Thingholm, Julie HøgfeldtStudent nurse  +45 353-36036E-mail
Thomsen, Aase SievertCleaning assistant   
Thomsen, Barbara BlicherPostdoc Post doc +45 353-30916E-mail
Thorlaksen, Signe   E-mail
Thøfner, Maria SøndergaardPhD student PhD Fellow +45 353-30920E-mail
Toft, Pernille BaumannCleaning assistant   
Vallentin, Maria KærholdtX-ray technician  +45 353-32920E-mail
Vandborg, Anne-CathrineVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Vannby, Ida SaraVeterinary nurse   E-mail
Vasby, Ditte Erika LethSenior veterinarian  +45 353-33109E-mail
Viking, Jannie Munkeboe BentzenVeterinary nurse  +45 353-36200E-mail
Vitger, Anne DésiréSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 40 22 37 23E-mail
von Wenck, AsgerSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-30949E-mail
Westrup, UlrikSenior veterinarian Senior Veterinarian +45 353-30917E-mail
Willesen, JakobAssociate professor Associate professor +45 40 22 39 93E-mail
Winsborg, YlvaSenior veterinarian   E-mail
Winsborg, YlvaVeterinary surgeon   E-mail
Winther-Jørgensen, Freja FieCleaning assistant   
Woller, Jan Henrik de SousaClinical attendant